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Dental Surgery

The division of dentistry at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) provides comprehensive paediatric dental treatment/surgery under general anaesthesia for infants and young children as well as consultations for the paediatric ward.

Oral health is integral to general health and comprehensive health care cannot be achieved if the oral health of child is ignored.

Early childhood caries is the most common, chronic infectious disease of childhood. Early childhood caries can be associated with significant pain and infection, loss of appetite, missed days at school, a diminished ability to learn and therefore a diminished quality of life.

Dental treatment under general anaesthesia is required for children who are unable to receive comprehensive care safely in a dental office setting because of their medical diagnosis, young age or the complex and extensive restorations required.

The primary goal of the division of dentistry is to support our community by providing quality dental treatment for these young patients in a caring, compassionate and safe environment.


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