Addiction & Withdrawal Management Services

Michael Garron Hospital's (MGH) addiction and withdrawal management services are comprised of a variety of programs to meet the individual needs of clients.

The withdrawal management program offers a comprehensive selection of services depending on client need.

For clients that need immediate, low barrier access to service, please see the Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) Clinic information for more details.

Withdrawal Management Services and Residential Withdrawal Management

Located at 985 Danforth Avenue, the residential withdrawal management centre is a residential facility that provides physical care for males 16 and up who are in an acute state of intoxication or withdrawal from alcohol or other addictive substances. Services include:

  • life skills groups
  • education on the stages of withdrawal
  • change plan coaching
  • assessments and referrals for treatment

A knowledgeable staff member with access to information for treatment-related resources will assist the client in moving forward with their treatment goals.

Contact central access toll-free for information on available beds at 1-866-366-9513.

Day Withdrawal Program

Located at 985 Danforth Avenue, the day withdrawal program serves men and women and offers an effective and less intrusive method of managing withdrawal symptoms in a full day of programming. The program includes:

  • auricular acupuncture
  • a psycho-educational component
  • a living skills component
  • relaxation therapy

While attending the withdrawal management day program, clients learn about the symptoms they are experiencing and ways to cope with them using holistic strategies. Clients are encouraged to share their feelings and the impact of using holistic coping strategies in their home lives.

Referrals come from clients, family, friends and other professional sources such as medical and psychiatric facilities.

Contact information: 416-461-2010 ext. 1              

Case Management

The case manager provides individual support and education to clients attending the day withdrawal management program, and for three months following the completion of the program. They act as a liaison to addiction treatment programs or other services geared towards the individual's needs. The case manager also works as a consultant with other professionals to provide the most appropriate care.

Community Withdrawal Services

Community withdrawal is an alternative service for those who are unable to access residential or day withdrawal programs, friends and family who are affected by substance abuse and for those who think they might have a substance abuse problem and are unsure. We offer:

  • counseling to assist in identifying areas of risk in the withdrawal process
  • aid in stress management and relapse prevention
  • assist in referring the client to counseling and/or treatment programs
  • support and educate the family members and significant others who are affected

Contact information: 416-461-2189

Short Term Continuing Care

The short term continuing care group is an open co-ed group for any client who has completed our day program or a recent addictions treatment program.

The group allows clients to remain connected with MGH and gives them a forum to discuss issues that arise in the early stages of their journey of wellness.

The group is held every Thursday at 6 p.m. at the withdrawal management centre located at 985 Danforth Avenue.

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