Redevelopment: Construction Updates

EllisDon is now on-site at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) working to build the hospital’s redevelopment project. Below is a summary of construction activities currently occurring on the campus. For more information about any of the construction updates below or to sign up for regular email updates contact: @email

City of Toronto civil work on SAMMON & COXWELL AVENUES

The City of Toronto has advised that over the next several weeks they will be conducting work that will impact sidewalks and roadways surrounding Michael Garron Hospital. Pedestrians and vehicular traffic are asked to please follow onsite safety signage.

The proposed schedule/impacts are found below.

COXWELL AVENUE IMPACTS : DEC. 9 – 24 (approx.)

  • The pedestrian sidewalk on the east side of Coxwell Avenue will be closed from Sammon Avenue to the Coxwell entry driveway
    • Pedestrians will be directed via City signage to use the sidewalk on the west side of Coxwell Avenue to Mortimer Avenue to access the main Coxwell entrance
  • The hospital driveway on Coxwell Avenue will remain accessible to vehicular traffic and pedestrian drop off
  • Street parking along Coxwell Avenue will be reduced
  • Coxwell Avenue will be reduced to two lanes (one southbound and one northbound)
    • Traffic control measures will be in place
  • Paid duty officers will be onsite
  • The Coxwell Avenue taxi stand will be closed
  • The locations of Coxwell Avenue TTC stops will not change

* Please note that the information listed above is subject to change and will be updated as more information becomes available from the City of Toronto contractor.

Parking Changes

MGH’s parking lot has moved to make way for construction of the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre. Learn more about where to park during your next visit. 

Once complete, MGH’s Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre will have four levels of underground vehicular and bicycle parking, increasing the spots available on campus and  minimizing traffic congestion on the surrounding streets.

Construction Traffic Flow Plan

An update has been made to the construction traffic flow procedure for Michael Garron Hospital’s redevelopment project. The original plan was to minimize the number of construction vehicles that would travel east on Sammon Avenue from the hospital to Woodbine Avenue. 

The updated plan directs construction vehicles to travel both east and west on Sammon Avenue between Coxwell and Woodbine Avenues. This routing is permitted within the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 950.

There are several reasons why EllisDon has modified the traffic routing for the hospital’s redevelopment project. These reasons include:

  • Construction activity on Coxwell Avenue south of Danforth Avenue requires vehicles to travel east on Gerrard and then north on Woodbine
  • Some larger trucks are having challenges reversing onsite due to tight turning radiuses, making right hand turns out of the site difficult
  • Daily deliveries of equipment and supplies are currently being made onsite. Having vehicles enter/exit both east and west on Sammon Avenue helps to maintain traffic flow.

Michael Garron Hospital and EllisDon apologize for any inconvenience this change in routing may cause and certainly appreciate the community’s understanding and support as we work to build the hospital’s redeveloped campus.

If you have any questions or concerns related to this change, please contact the hospital’s redevelopment department at @email  

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