Concrete Columns Installed at MGH
Concrete columns installed to support MGH’s future facility PHOTO: Soraya Visram

The seven steps to creating a sturdy structure

Concrete columns are a key feature in the design of Michael Garron Hospital’s Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre. Comprised of concrete and steel reinforcements, the columns will provide the structural stability required for the entire facility.

Below are the seven steps required to create a sturdy concrete column:

Step 1: Carefully locate and mark the position of the column on site

The hospital’s columns have been strategically placed in a grid like pattern based on the size and scale of the building.

Step 2: Excavate and install the concrete footing

A column footing is required in order for the weight of the structure to be evenly distributed through a larger surface area and prevent the columns from sinking over time.

Step 3: Install column reinforcements

Steel rebar is used to reinforce structural columns. The quantity of steel installed in each column is based on the future weight it will have to support.

Step 4: Install column formwork

Formwork is a temporary mold which concrete is poured into and ensures the column takes the appropriate size and shape.

Step 5: Mix column concrete

The type of concrete mixed is very important because the ratio of water to mortar helps determine the strength of the concrete therefore must be done exactly according to structural specifications.

Step 6: Pour concrete into the formwork

Step 7: Remove formwork

Once the concrete has sufficiently hardened the temporary formwork mold is removed.

EllisDon has completed a total of 48 columns onsite as of August 20, 2019. Watch the action live:

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