Construction site at the corner of Coxwell and Sammon Avenues

Programs and services on level 2 of the redesigned campus

Find out which programs and services will be available in the new and renovated spaces on level two of Michael Garron Hospital's campus.

Access to level two

Once patients have registered at the new central registration area on level one, they will access the second floor by either the adjacent bank of elevators or feature staircase. After arriving on the second level, patients will gain access to a concourse area overlooking the double height Coxwell Lobby below, along with seamless access to level two programs and services.

Rendering of future Clinic Area at MGH
Rendering of the feature staircase to the second floor


MGH’s Leonard Richard Catford & Harold John Catford Outpatient Procedures Unit will be located in a newly constructed space on level two. The unit will provide care to patients who are having minor procedures that do not require an overnight stay.

Some of the procedures on this unit include:

  • Endoscopy (insertion of a long, thin tube directly into the body to observe an internal organ or tissue in detail)
  • Bronchoscopy (examination of the lungs)
  • Gastroscopy (examination of upper gastric system)
  • Colonoscopy (examination of the lower large intestine and rectum)
  • Urology and cystoscopy procedures (bladder and urethra)

There will be the Mark & Sarah Wellings Waiting Area, a spacious area within the unit to allow visitors accompanying a patient to remain close by as a procedure is taking place.


MGH’s Chronic Diseases Unit will be comprised of three different centres: the Kidney Centre, the Chest Centre and the Zeena & Farid Amarshi Family Cardiac Centre.

The Kidney Centre will provide enhanced renal (kidney) services for the community and will include a space for patient education for peritoneal home dialysis. The ability for patients to learn how to administer peritoneal dialysis at home greatly improves their quality of life by reducing travel to the hospital, the treatment itself has fewer side effects and more closely mimics the natural function of the kidneys. 

The Chest Centre will bring together expertise in respiratory medicine, thoracic surgery, and other specialties required to diagnose, treat and manage illnesses of the chest and lungs. Within this space there will also be facilities to conduct overnight sleep studies.

The Zeena & Farid Amarshi Family Cardiac Centre will focus on caring for people who have heart diseases or dysfunction and will house a Cardiac Function Clinic (pacemaker and congestive heart failure) as well as a variety of clinics for Cardiac Diagnostics (i.e ultrasounds of the heart, heart monitoring and heart stress testing).

The waiting area for the Chronic Diseases Unit will overlook the front entry drive and expansive landscaping off Coxwell Avenue.


Outpatient paediatric services will be housed in the BMO Child & Youth Centre on the second floor of the existing G-wing. Clinics in this space with include the breastfeeding clinic; paediatrics clinic; child development centre; the William and Meredith Saunderson Child & Teen Clinic; and a procedures clinic.


MGH’s spiritual and religious care area will be found in a newly renovated space in the hospital’s existing D-wing. The area will include welcoming multifaith spaces and will incorporate the hospital’s historical stained glass windows relocated from the existing Coxwell Lobby. This area has also been designed with specialized venting which will allow for indoor smudging ceremonies.

Stained glass panels
MGH's historic stained glass windows


New support spaces will be created for the Intensive Care Unit, Health Records and Volunteer Services.

The newly renovated spaces for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) will include a new family lounge with seating, lockers, washrooms and vending machines, improved cleaning and storage areas for ICU equipment, a teaching room for ICU physicians and residents and administrative support spaces in close proximity to the unit.

The newly renovated area for Health Records on the second floor of the D wing will include administrative space to manage the collection, storage (partial), retention and access of patient information.  The Release of Information (ROI) portion of Health Records will be located adjacent to the main lobby for easy access by patients. All information collected by the hospital pertaining to a patient’s care received during their visit to Michael Garron Hospital is managed by Health Records. 

A new volunteer services lounge has been designed with lockers, seating and a kitchenette to support volunteers who contribute so greatly to MGH's programs and services across the hospital.

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