Melissa Samaroo smiling in her office

#IamMGH - Meet Melissa Samaroo, Manager in MGH's Medicine Department

#IamMGH tells the stories of our people. Meet Melissa Samaroo, manager in MGH’s medicine department.

“I started working at MGH 17 years ago; it was my first position out of nursing school. One year later, SARS was at our doorstep and in our hospital.

My experience working through SARS helps me relate to how staff are feeling during this pandemic. I can speak to younger staff who are experiencing this fresh from nursing school and to older staff who may feel anxiety post-SARS. Understanding where they are coming from, I can adjust my approach to meet their needs.  An open door policy really helps me and them in getting through this together.

The fact that the public understands the challenges and risks that frontline staff go through is really encouraging and supportive. Hearing a simple thank you goes such a long way and keeps you going. We are lucky to have such great community support in and around MGH.”

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