Lorraine Dobson standing with hand on her heart

#IamMGH - Meet Lorraine Dobson

#IamMGH tells the stories of our people. Meet Lorraine Dobson, personal support worker at MGH.

“I just love my job. Helping people, caring for them and making their life better the best way I can – that’s why I’ve been a personal support worker for 25 years. I’ve really been caring for people my whole life though. When I was just 13, I took care of a neighbour who was ill. She was so appreciative and I remember saying to myself, ‘I think I really love the feeling of knowing that people are comfortable.’

Being a personal support worker is about helping people who can’t help themselves. Whatever patients need for daily living, we support with. I’m with them at the bedside day after day, so I really get to know them and they get to know me. I know their illness and can quickly identify a change in their condition. Sometimes they just want to talk and share their story, so I sit with them and I listen – it makes a difference.

I am so happy to be working in healthcare right now. People are scared and I went into this profession to help. You have to be careful and wear the proper protection, but I am not going to let COVID-19 stop me from caring for patients. I will protect myself and I will protect them.

I am proud to say I work at MGH. All we can do is exactly what we are doing right now because every day we put in our best.”

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