Denny Petkovski
Denny Petkovski, manager, volunteer services and corporate projects

#IamMGH - Meet Denny Petkovski

#IamMGH tells the story of our people. Meet Denny Petkovski, manager, volunteer services and corporate projects.

“It feels really natural and fulfilling to work here at MGH because I grew up in East York and both my children were born at MGH.  As well, MGH has provided extraordinary care to several of my family members in areas such as oncology and palliative care. I think a very exceptional bond is created when the organization you work for also plays such an important role in your family’s health and well-being.  

In my 23 years here I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in a variety of different departments – facilities, IT, health records and even diagnostic imaging. My current role in Volunteer Services is extremely rewarding because I work with incredible volunteers from so many different generations and witness their dedication, passion and love for their community hospital every day. It makes me proud to be here. Each role has been an incredible learning experience in its own way, but together, they’ve all taught me a very important life lesson – that there’s so much value that comes from challenging yourself with opportunities outside of your comfort zone.

The most impactful part of being here has always been the people. With all of the different teams and projects I’ve worked on, it’s always been the relationships I’ve built with my colleagues that has made the work more fulfilling, interesting and memorable. Even while working through larger crises like the SARS epidemic and the Toronto blackout, I’ve felt lucky to be a part of such high-functioning teams.  

Outside of work, I look forward to spending time with my family that also includes coaching both my son’s teams. I’m a hockey coach, a soccer coach, baseball coach and I volunteer on a baseball league board. I’m also very interested in history and politics, particularly American history dating back to Abraham Lincoln, JFK, the civil rights movement and right up to current times. If I could, I would love to one day travel and study more about these periods in time. There’s so much to learn!”

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