Patient Experience Panel Terms of Reference


The Patient Experience Panel (PEP) is a forum that empowers patients and families to take an active role in improving the patient experience at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH). By working in partnership with staff and physicians, the Panel ensures that the needs and priorities for patient centred care are considered and incorporated into matters that impact patients and families.


  1. Participate as partners to provide input, feedback and creative solutions for hospital initiatives (education, policy and program development) and improvement projects at the corporate, program/department or unit level.
  2. Advise and share information on patient centred care practices as they relate to programs and services.
  3. Promote communication and collaboration with staff, physicians, and volunteers.
  4. Respond to requests for Patient Experience Partners to partner on committees, focus groups, working groups, interview panels, etc. as requested.
  5. Celebrate and share successes and milestones.
  6. Be involved in evaluating the role of Patient Experience Panel.
  7. Assist in creating the yearly update for the Performance Monitoring and Quality Committee of the Board.


  • The panel consists of 10-12 patients and/or family members/caregivers of patients who have successfully completed the Patient Experience Partners application process, with 90% having received care at MGH within the last 3 years.
  • PEP meetings are open for any Patient Experience Partner to attend and observe. The chair of PEP may request input and feedback from any Patient Experience Partner who is present.
  • MGH staff who are leading or working on topics/projects that impact patients and families will attend PEP on a rotating basis, as their topic/project requires.

Term of Office

The length of a term is 2 years, with the option to renew for 2 additional 2 year terms (6 years in total). Terms will be staggered to ensure consistency of membership, while maintaining a balance between new and experienced members.

Meeting Frequency

The Patient Experience Panel meets at least bimonthly and at the call of the chair. Meetings are 2-3 hours in length.


The Patient Experience Panel is chaired by the Director, Patient Experience. The chair is responsible for developing the agendas, facilitating the meetings and communicating with Panel members and MGH staff and physicians.


  • Members regularly attend the patient experience panel, come prepared to meetings (review pre-circulated material), ask questions, and make a positive contribution to the discussions.
  • The Panel encourages healthy dialogue to fully understand the initiatives being presented and how they impact patients and families. The input of all members is valued and received.
  • Input and feedback on topics/project work is considered by the presenters and their teams, or initiatives are co-designed with Panel members.
  • Presenters attend future Patient Experience Panel meetings, to provide updates and share how the Panel's insights and feedback informed their work.


The Patient Experience Panel submits a yearly update of its activities to the Performance Monitoring and Quality Committee of the Board and the Panel chair provides updates to groups within Michael Garron Hospital.


The Patient Experience Panel and Performance Improvement Committee (PIC)

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