COVID-19 Vaccine: COVID-19 vaccines are not available to the general public at this time. Eligible priority populations in East Toronto can click here for information on how to book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. If you live outside of East Toronto, please go to to find a vaccine clinic nearest to you.

COVID-19 Testing: Appointments for our COVID-19 Assessment Centre can be booked online using our booking tool. To view a list of temporary COVID-19 testing sites in East Toronto, click here. 


COVID-19 Vaccine: Individuals who receive home care

Individuals who receive home care are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in alignment with the Ontario government's COVID-19 vaccine implementation plan in one of the following ways:

Book an Appointment:

We are currently accepting appointments at the Thorncliffe Park Community Hub COVID-19 Immunization Clinic. Please click here to book an appointment.

Individuals who receive home care may be eligible to book an appointment at other COVID-19 immunization clinics in Toronto. Please visit to see a list of other immunization clinics in Toronto. 

Click here if you have an appointment at an ETHP COVID-19 Immunization Clinic.

At Home:

Individuals who receive home care in East Toronto, and have social or mental barriers that inhibit them from visiting a vaccination clinic, pharmacy, hospital or primary care provider, may be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through Toronto Paramedic Services. Please speak with your home care provider or primary care provider to confirm your eligibility.

Mobile Clinics:

ETHP is working with community physicians to offer COVID-19 vaccines to individuals who receive home care in East Toronto. This may include dedicated pop-up vaccination clinics at community health centres and physician offices. Click here to learn more about ETHP’s mobile vaccination team.

Last updated: April 1, 2021

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